IntelliJ is a great IDE.

The following steps describes how to install and update InteliJ on linux.

1. Login to remote server

If you connect from Linux:

ssh -X user@host

Option -X allows you to open programs with grafical interface form the remote computer.

If you connect from Windows is recommended to use MobaXterm.

2. Download IntelliJ

Be on the remote machine

Find the link for the latest release from IntelliJ site and use wget to download it. Note: Make sure that you get linux version


3. Extract the files in /opt folder

sudo tar -xvf ideaIC-2017.2.5.tar.gz -C /opt

4. Create a symbolic link

sudo ln -s idea-IC-172.4343.14 idea

If you need to update the link latter, use -sfn option.

sudo ln -sfn idea-IC-172.4343.14 idea

5. Add IntelliJ bin folder to PATH enviroment variable

vi ~./profile

and to the end of the file

export PATH=$PATH:/opt/idea/bin

source ~/.profile

6. Run IntelliJ

How to Install IntelliJ on Ubuntu Server

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