After installing parallel python package using “sudo pip install python-pp”, I ran the code


but got an error “secret must be set using command-line option or configuration file”.

According to this article,com_smf/Itemid,29/topic,571.msg1555

the discription and solutions are: You’re using a packaged version of the pp module (e.g. Debian squeeze/testing) which has defaults set differently to that which you would find if you installed pp with ‘pip’ or ‘easy_install’ or compiled from the main parallel python website. The error you are getting is requesting you either set a secret/passwd via the ppserver() method, or utilise a config file to set the pp secret, read the supplied documentation for more information on this particular packaged pp module.

You can:

a.) Use a config file or set the secret via ppserver
b.) Remove the packaged pp install and install pp via ‘pip’ or the main parallel python website

So I tried the easiest way to instal PP by PIP using the following command and the problem is already solved.

sudo pip install pp

Parallel Python Example

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